5 things about this week's 99pi featuring Song Exploder


I made this monkey sound when I saw the little red circle on the podcast listing today


This will most likely be the first and last time we hear George W Bush on this show. Dear lord I hope so. That voice will always haunt me. Brian Reitzell should add it to his tool kit.



Thank you Roman and crew for reminding me how much I adore the Long Winters episode of Song Exploder. This motivated me to add two new features to the site. Excellent Episodes and Amazing Moments lists. I'll have to take a trip back in time and start logging my favorites from the past 5 years. That'll be fun. So stay tuned for more of that. I put a couple up today.



When John Roderick tells the story of Matt Chamberlain's process in recording the drums I was truly transported there. This part is a perfect demonstration of the power of audio.  I was also touched by the way his description brings you into the world of how a musician experiences music and other musicians. I felt like I had a new sense for just a second while listening to the description. 



Radiotopia is hiring an Executive Producer. I won't be applying but I am going to write a letter of interests as a writing exercise. Very inspiring pitch you gave Roman. Good luck with the search!


Here it is if you haven't already listened. Have a wonderful rest of the week!