Interview Club

The idea is simple. Sign up. Get matched with people to do an interview exchange. Kinda like real-time audio penpals. 


Because we all need to tell our story, leave something for our kids, record our thoughts, share ourselves with others, work through things out loud....or to get better at interviewing, or more comfortable talking to strangers, or to become more of something you want to be. 

Also, it'll be fun!

How will it work?

To start, I'll collect people who are interested, then match you with someone. You'll meet up either online or in person to interview each other. Then you both get to keep your interview to do what you want with it.

Later, this club may morph into something bigger. A collaborative podcast maybe? Interview jams in cities across the country? Who knows. 

Wanna join?  FILL OUT THIS FORM then invite your friends!