Excellent Podcast Episodes

There are some pieces of tape that rise above them all or just stuck with me for some reason, either way you should listen to these for sure. 

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I thought the truth would be enough Only Human  It's so hard to understand how the bad things in our society continue and seem unstoppable. This doesn't make you feel any better but it's good to shatter our naive approach/ideas about how things really go in this system. We need so many more people like Mark Edwards. Hat tip and a big hug to you. 

So many from Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything
Holy War Part 1 and Part 2 - Whoa. Didn't know it would go that way. Too close to home. 
New York After Rent - Boo.
Instaserfs Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - You don't use Uber do you? #shame

Mind Games 2016 This American Life
The Ghosts of Pasha story is awesome. Love it everytime I hear it. The story is such a great way into understanding how complex our minds our and how we all perceive and deal with experiences differently. Plus a bunch of fun stuff. 

Lost & Found  Radio Lab  
There will be a time in the future where our understanding of the brain sky rockets, and we look back on this time and cringe. Right now I find it so exciting to be getting little peeks into the possibilities and new discoveries of how the brain works. In this episode, as in most Radio Lab pieces we are brought into the science and mystery through a human (or animal) story making it even more relatable and fascinating. 

David Sedaris Reads Miranda July  The New Yorker Fiction Podcast
The title says it all. I love that he had no idea who she was when he first read her. What a gift and a gift to read again after he has her voice in his head. 

Belt Buckle Mystery Show Podcast
This pure gold. A perfect example of how a story and reveal itself in the most magical ways. It's simply life affirming. 

Chris Rock Here's The Thing

The Long Winters: The Commander Speaks Aloud  Song Exploder
I had forgotten how much I loved this and the 99% Invisible played it and I was happily reminded.

Survivors StoryLIfe
I wish I could force everyone in the political and legal system to listen to this. Listen and remember these people when you vote. 

Kara Oehler  She Does
Lala love this guest and everything she talks about. I related to her so much. I wanna invite her over for wine to scheme things up and create something. I know we would be besties ;) 

Break-Up  This American Life  
A classic. Touching.

The Carrie Brownstien years on All Songs Considered
You all know now that she's funny, and of course she is a musician but between the years of 2007 -2010 we were treated to her appearance on the All Songs Considered Podcast and these episodes were as good as talk radio and music reviewing get.  Hilarious and smart. Dig in the the archives, relive a bunch of great music. Don't drink milk while listening, it'll come out of your noes. Guaranteed.  (Bob, Robin and Steven I love you too)

Summer Music Preview 2008

Year in Music 2008 "I just don't like music that wouldn't hurt a fly"

Breakup Songs, Wherein We Acknowledge Valentine's Day

( I just started this. I have a ton to add and very open to your suggestions)

Episodes about race, non-white and/or outside the dominant culture, people telling it like it is and stuff need you to hear about these people and from these people. 

Every episode of Another Round. See my list of their guests. 

Dispatches from Black Motherhood  The Longest Shortest Time
This one is personal for me and I'm sure it will touch your heart. How many photos of black mothers mothering have you seen this week? How many white? Have you thought about how little black boys feel about the police given everything that has been in the news as of late? What we have to think about when it comes to proving that we are good moms (yes we have to prove it. over and over and over again)

I Make Wine Because I'm a Hustler (with Bertony Faustin) Racist Sandwich
Boom! First episode and they clearly and stunningly bring a topic to our consciousness that wasn't there before. Food seems be one of the best ways to illustrate issues and dynamics of race. Start here.

Other People's Food Series The Sporkful
There are some really good and really bad moments in this set of episodes. I really commend Dan for taking on the topic and hope he will continue to weave these issues into his work. I find him so good natured, so these poison pills will go down a bit easier for some of you.